Thursday, 12 May 2016

Learn How To Play The Guitar Fast

Discover a Proven Method for Quickly and Easily ‘Programming’ Your Hands to Play Complex Guitar Chords, Scales and Strums Like a Professional!

Jamorama uses advanced fine motor ‘programming’ to enable you to tap into the power of muscle memory activation and achieve things on guitar that you once thought impossible.
(250,784 students can’t be wrong)

Unlock your true playing potential

  • Train your fingers to make flawlessly smooth chord changes... even if you’re a total klutz when it comes to chords.
  • Deeply ingrain any chord shape in your subconscious in minutes... even if you’re the most forgetful person you know.
  • Discover how to strum with absolute perfect timing and ‘feeling’... even if you’ve tried. And tried. And tried... But just can’t ‘get it’.
  • Play in front of people with total confidence, knowing you won’t mess it up... even if you’ve never played for other people before and the thought terrifies you
  • Learn to play complex scales as if doing so were as simple as speaking... even if finding your voice is difficult on the best of days.
  • Understand the fretboard completely and how all the notes relate to one another... even if you never passed a single class in school.
  • Learn to express yourself through your guitar with advanced embellishment techniques... even if you’ve never done an artistic thing in your life.
  • Train yourself to play whole songs... even if you’ve never been the musical one in your family or circle of friends.
  • Learn the most efficient ways to move chords around the fretboard... even if you’re the type of person who takes 15 minutes to tie their shoelaces.
  • Train your hand to pick the strings with total control, speed and accuracy... even if you’ve never been able to go very fast without getting the ‘speed wobbles’.
  • Learn to play with all the finesse of a seasoned professional... even if you’re completely tactless in all other areas of life.

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