Thursday, 12 May 2016

Learn How To Create Your Own Programming Language

Creating your first programming language is easier than you think.


The best system to create your first programming language.

The eBook

A 100 page PDF detailing core concepts and applying them to a custom language in Ruby
(included: ePub & Mobi formats).

Exercises & solutions

Proposed extensions to the language with solutions at the end of the book.

Three languages

Full source code of three languages in Ruby & Java. Easy to extend and play with.

A screencast

Explaining step by step how to extend the JVM language.
Most books on compilers are priced at more than $100 and are long and boring. My system, which contains a book (fun and to the point), exercises & solutions, three languages you can use however you want and a screencast, is only $39.99.
And I even give it to you for free if you're not happy.



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