Thursday, 19 May 2016

Become A Cash Producing Affiliate With 10 x World Internet Summit Speaker Roy Carter


YOU Can Become A Cash-Producing Affiliate With 
10 x World Internet Summit Speaker, Coach &
Mentor, Roy Carter!

Dear Colleague,
I'm about to put a decent affiliate marketing income in reach of everybody, so read on.
Have you ever tried to put together something that came with a "some assembly required" tag attached?
I'm convinced this is some kind of trick to see just how much we really want the completed product. Surely someone somewhere is watching and having a good laugh at our expense, right?
Sidebar: These things can be nightmarish. Mainly because whoever wrote the instructions usually doesn't speak our language. And then there's the whole "not enough pictures" thing. Add in the fact that they sometimes leave out important pieces of information and you've got the makings of a frustrating experience.
My wife and I were recently putting together such an item and as we looked at all of the different nuts and bolts, as we looked at the 10 pages of instructions, as we looked at this mess in front of us, I asked a very important question...
"What's next?"
That may not sound like much to you at first glance, but that's one of THE most profound and important questions anyone performing any kind of task can ever ask.
Think about it for just a moment -
  • You don't need to know steps you'll be taking weeks or even months from now!

  • You don't need hundreds of pages of information that you can't use!

  • You don't need to work on multiple things that aren't relevant at this moment!
All of those things may very well be important in the long term, but they just get in the way for right now. You need one simple step at a time. All you need to know is...
"What's next?"
Let me transfer that same line of thinking to affiliate marketing. Do you really need a 200-page encyclopedia manual that attemps to explain everything there is to know about the subject? Do you really need a treasure chest full of scripts, reports, tools, ebooks, and so forth? Do you really need a high-priced physical product that supposedly has all the bells and whistles?
Use that noggin' of yours for just a moment --
Does it really need to be that complicated?!
Wouldn't it be much easier for you to actually get things done if someone simply told you, "here's the next step you need to take"?
Make no mistake about it ... you need a COMPLETE set of instructions. But you do NOT need to be overwhelmed with "information overload". You simply need to know what to do (and how to do it!) in one simple step at a time.
That's what I'm going to show you today. But, before we get into that, we probably should talk just a moment about "what is affiliate marketing" in case you're completely new to the concept. Here's what it is...
The Hands-Down, No-Debate, Quickest,
Easiest Way To Make Money Online
Affiliate marketing is an agreement between a vendor and an affiliate (you) in which the vendor pays the affiliate a commission for referrals generated through the affiliate's efforts to promote a uniquely assigned tracking link.
It works like this...
1) You join an affiliate program through their signup process. (Free)
2) You are immediately assigned a unique affiliate tracking link.
3) You promote the affiliate tracking link in a variety of ways. (More on this later)
4) You earn commissions on orders generated through your promotion.
That's affiliate marketing in a nutshell. You promote your "affiliate link" and get paid when people click thru your link and buy the the product you are promoting. It's super easy and super fast to get started. In fact...
You literally can be signed up for an affiliate
program in less than 5 minutes!

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