Friday, 29 January 2016

OnLan Messenger, the new corporate oriented solution

 OnLAN Messenger is a fast, safe, fully controllable, and resource efficient messaging service (instant messenger). OnLAN Messenger is a corporate oriented solution that will help you to improve the messaging abilities of your company (including sister companies). OnLAN Messenger is an enterprise instant messenger.

OnLAN Messenger service consists of three program modules: Server part(details): * OnLAN Server (server) * OnLAN Monitor (monitor) Client part(details): * OnLAN Messenger (client) OnLAN Server module supports different types of exchange between service clients, organizing access to the database. There are two types of administration: console and web-interface, with ability to separate administrators roles. OnLAN Monitor module is a support module for OnLAN Server.

 It starts or stops server (automatically or manually) and provides server recovery if error occurred. Both of these modules are system services and work in close contact with server computer operating system core. They are installed on the same server computer, therefore monitor is working in ''local'' mode. There s also an opportunity to monitor server working from any computer in the company LAN in the remote mode. Client part of OnLAN Messenger service consists of only one module OnLAN Messenger(client). It should be started on every machine that is connected to the messaging service. All of the OnLAN Messenger service program modules have been developed for OS Windows (95-XP) with minimal system requirements: Pentium 200 Mhz, RAM 64Mb, SVGA (256 colors 800x600), mouse.

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