Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Kindle Template For Microsoft Word

Looking for an MS Word template to simplify the process of publishing to Kindle, Nook, & Print-on-Demand?

Now Read the following two points carefully:

  • What is the sales figure gap between Kindle & Nook books that are formatted incorrectly and those formatted correctly?
  • How many sales are you losing because the buyer downloads a sample and sees a poorly formatted book on Kindle or Nook?
A poorly formatted book on Kindle or Nook will result in not only refunds, but lost sales you never even know you had. You care about how your website looks, don’t you? Then why would you care any less about how your ebook looks? People who buy Kindle books from Amazon have seven days to return them. Furthermore, Amazon is now taking down poorly formatted eBooks If your books are not formatted correctly, if they do not look pleasing to the reader and are not easy to read . . . you will lose the buyer before you knew it. And if they do buy, they’ll likely return it, it’s as simple as that. You end up loaning your book to readers rather than selling to readers.

“What? You say that you are not selling your ebook on Amazon or BN.com?”

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