Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Learn How To Work At Home As A Ghostwriter

Learn How To Work At Home As A Ghostwriter

by Donna Reilly



How to start and succeed at becoming a work-at-home ghostwriter!

Work-at-Home Ghostwriters is an ebook that is written with you in mind, the budding ghostwriter. This ebook contains my exact experience on how you can succeed as a ghostwriter.

You can finally skip all the trials-and-errors that I have taken so that you can short-cut your way to success!
Here's what you will learn in this amazing ebook...
  1. Find your niche and position yourself right from the start. Find out why it is important to have a unique selling proposition even as a work-at-home writer.
  2. Finding time to relax as a ghostwriter is very important. It will help you in the long run. Be sure to learn how to enjoy your job, and enjoy your free time!
  3. Add value to your work so that you can be different from your competitor!
  4. Learn how to retain your clients by keeping your client's list. Learn how to generate new business with just a simple email!
  5. 7 ways to market your services. Interestingly, you just need to use 3 of them to make a comfortable income. :)
  6. 7 tactics to become a better writer. Learn how to improve as a writer,
  7. 7 steps to write a better article. A simple 7 steps to write a better article. In fact, if you master just 4 steps, you have already written a splendid article!
  8. Secrets to speed writing. If you can write more articles in a hour, won't you be able to make more money, or spend more time with your family? You will be thankful that you have learnt how to write faster, without sacrificing your quality of work!
And much more!

You will get a PDF (372KB) file.
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